Opening of Splendid Hotel in 1935

History of The Splendid Hôtel Grenoble

Family business, created by my grandfather, Eugene Arnol, with 25 rooms and expanded by my parents, Helène and Guy Barthelemy in 1968 and 1972 to reach 45 rooms, renovation that I continued when I decided to become the manager of this hotel in 1987.

It was necessary to create bathrooms in all rooms. In a second time we decided to give a personal touch to the room and public areas. This original project was created with the help of a designer and a painter (Jacques GUILLERMIN and Régine VIEUX).

Today, in agreement with of an environmental approach, was added an annex building with 5 studios: “The Villa”, renovated in the Interests of sustainable development (conservation of embodied energy, insulation, energy saving, solar hot water, rainwater recovery … ), the building HAS RECEIVED ECOLABEL European tourism, the first one in the department of Isère.